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Donald Trump is the man no one in Britain wants to dance with

London (CNN)Donald Trump is a very unpopular man in the UK. Which is unfortunate, given he’s here for the next couple of days for a meeting of NATO leaders.

Visits of the US President are hard to predict, but

Trump’s last two trips

to Britain followed a pattern.

First, there’s the build-up, in which political groups across the spectrum announce their plans to protest against Trump as soon as he sets foot on British soil.

Then there’s the President’s obligatory dig at Sadiq Khan, the popular Mayor of London, over the city’s knife crime epidemic. He might skip that tradition this time, given the deadly

terror attack that took place in London last week.

But his dislike of Khan is profound, and it could be too tempting.

    Donald Trump is unpopular in Britain. That's why he's being used to attack Boris Johnson

    There’s usually a “surprise” newspaper interview, in which he sticks his nose into British politics and offends a major political figure. That’s often followed by a press conference where he tries to clean up the mess, but usually just ends up tying himself in a knot of contradictions.

    Finally, when all official business is done, he throws opens his doors to his favored British friends (think Nigel Farage and Piers Morgan) desperate to show off their closeness to the most powerful man on earth.

    The visits are usually more of a spectacle than anything else. This time, however, Trump lands just a few days before the UK holds what could be the most important general election in the nation’s postwar history. And any unexpected grenades Trump chooses to hurl could have consequences beyond a two-day political storm and affect the outcome of an actual election.

    Trump has already been used as a political weapon to attack Boris Johnson during this campaign. The main opposition Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, has been telling anyone who will listen that one of the biggest threats a Johnson-led Brexit poses to the UK is him rushing to do a trade deal with Trump, and in doing so, sell out the country’s revered National Health Service. And while the veracity of this claim is open to debate, the fact that it hurts Johnson is not.

    It’s not just about the NHS. Any association with Trump is likely to turn off the swing voters that Johnson needs to win over if he’s to win a majority on December 12. And Johnson knows this. Since the campaign kicked off, he’s been doing everything he can to avoid talking about the President. He dodges questions. The Conservative Party’s Twitter account has mentioned Trump precisely zero times. He’s the man no one wants to dance with.

    Trump’s toxicity is the reason Johnson’s inner circle advised that he avoid the President during his state visit last summer, and why the Prime Minister is being so evasive about any potential meetings this week. It’s also the reason Johnson will be privately hoping Trump keeps quiet, and definitely doesn’t call him his “friend” again.

    Corbyn, meanwhile, will be only too happy for Trump to pipe up. The President’s last intervention consisted of not just an endorsement of Johnson, but a personal attack on Corbyn himself, saying he would take the UK to “such bad places”. It was a moment that Corbyn, who paints himself as a sort of anti-Trump, can point to every time he wants to put clear water between himself and Johnson.

    During a televised debate on Sunday night, Labour’s Richard Burgon got stuck in, saying Trump wants to “conspire” with Johnson and “get his fat cat friends access to the NHS.” The other opposition parties didn’t miss out on this freebie, either. Jo Swinson, leader of the pro-remain Liberal Democrats, said “the current occupant of the White House is not someone who shares our values,” while Adam Price, the leader of Plaid Cymru, the Welsh nationalist party, said that it “can never be acceptable for a man to talk about grabbing a woman’s p****.”

    Jeremy Corbyn was once a radical outsider. Now he has the chance to transform the UK

    The only person on the stage willing to defend Trump was Farage, leader of the Brexit Party. The two have a personal friendship and Trump has controversially suggested that he should form a pact with Johnson for a big Brexit majority — a move that would almost certainly cost the Prime Minister some of those all-important swing voters.

      It’s going to be a tense few days for the UK’s political class. With barely any time left till the election and Johnson’s poll lead holding firm, he will be counting the minutes till Trump’s back in the air and heading home. Corbyn and the rest will be praying that the temptation to say something controversial is too great for the President — don’t be surprised if they bait him. And Nigel Farage will probably be sitting around waiting for his brief audience with Trump, reminding everyone — including Johnson — that he has the President’s ear.

      Trump’s last two visits to the UK have been a total circus, but swiftly forgotten. This time, he walks into a high-stakes election that will ultimately determine what happens next in the Brexit saga. The fact that a US President — who is himself in favor of a very hard Brexit — has any influence in its outcome is problematic. The question is: can Trump’s ego resist the urge to make itself the most important politician in another country for 48 whole hours?

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      4 generations of a family killed on a hunting trip when their plane crashes

      (CNN)Nine people representing four generations of an Idaho Falls family were killed in a plane crash in South Dakota while traveling for a hunting trip, according to a company where two of the victims were executives.

      Brothers Jim and Kirk Hansen, founders of health and wellness company Kyäni Inc., were on the single-engine Pilatus PC-12 with their father, Jim Hansen Sr., when it crashed after takeoff Saturday in Chamberlain, South Dakota,

      Kyäni president Travis Garza said in a statement

      . There were three survivors.

      Kirk Hansen, left, and Jim Hansen Jr. were among the nine killed in a South Dakota plane crash.

      Also killed in the crash were Jim Hansen Jr.’s son, Jake Hansen, and Jake’s son, Houston. Kirk Hansen’s sons, Stockton and Logan, and his sons-in-law, Kyle Naylor and Tyson Dennert, died in the crash.

      “We are deeply sad to announce that yesterday, we lost our precious founders Jim and Kirk in a tragic plane crash,” Garza said in a statement that identified the family members. “We are all mourning and ask your prayers.”

        Jim and Kirk Hansen each had sons who survived, along with one of Jim Hansen Jr.’s sons-in-law, Garza’s statement said. They were transported to hospitals in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

        2 business executives and their father identified as victims in South Dakota plane crash

        The statement did not indicate why the family was traveling, but it linked out to

        a story on

        that reported the family had gone hunting in South Dakota.

        Another story on the site

        showed the group in hunting garb, many of them holding rifles, with their haul of game birds.

        The Swiss-made turboprop carrying the family was destined for Idaho Falls Regional Airport in the southeast portion of Idaho, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Lynn Lunsford said.

        Though it was not clear if the crash was related to weather, the plane went down before noon Saturday

        amid a major winter storm

        , with snow falling at a rate of about an inch an hour, officials said. Visibility on Saturday was at times less than a mile, the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls said.

        Jim and Kirk Hansen

        founded their Idaho-based company

        along with their wives, according to

        Kyäni’s website

        . Kyäni Inc. sells nutritional and skin care products, among others, that “combine the best of nature’s adaptations with the latest modern technology,” the company’s website


          “Although these developments are very sad for the Kyäni family, the family was smart enough to build a solid team that can move this company now and in the future,” Garza’s statement said.

          The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the crash.

          CNN’s Shawn Nottingham contributed to this report.

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          The history of impeachment in the United States

          A screenshot of CNN's Bianca Nobilo.
          A screenshot of CNN's Bianca Nobilo.

            JUST WATCHED

            The history of impeachment in the United States

          MUST WATCH

          CNN’s Bianca Nobilo explores the history of impeachment in the United States as the fate of the Trump administration is debated in Congress.

          Source: CNN

          See More

          CNN’s Bianca Nobilo explores the history of impeachment in the United States as the fate of the Trump administration is debated in Congress.

          Source: CNN

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          Trump renews tariff threat on Brazil and Argentina

          (CNN)President Donald Trump announced Monday that the US will “restore” steel and aluminum tariffs on Brazil and Argentina, citing a “massive devaluation of their currencies.”

          “Brazil and Argentina have been presiding over a massive devaluation of their currencies. which is not good for our farmers. Therefore, effective immediately, I will restore the Tariffs on all Steel & Aluminum that is shipped into the U.S. from those countries,” Trump tweeted early Monday morning from Washington. He also called on the Federal Reserve to “act so that countries, of which there are many, no longer take advantage of our strong dollar by further devaluing their currencies.”

          Formal notices of the tariffs were not immediately announced by the Treasury or Commerce Departments or the Office of the US Trade Representative. Both Brazil and Argentina were


          from 25% steel and 10% aluminum tariffs last year when Trump was attempting to avoid a trade war with those countries.

          The President’s decision amounts to retaliation against two countries that have served as alternative suppliers of soybeans and other farm products to China, grabbing market share away from American farmers, a key constituency the President will need to win reelection in 2020.

            Trump has prided himself on imposing tariffs and hammering trade deals to bolster his “America First” economic agenda. But the biggest deal at the center of the trade war, a US-China trade agreement, has yet to be signed. Additional tariffs on Chinese imports are


            to go into effect on December 15.

            As China, now the world’s top steel producer, has ramped up its steel production, US steel jobs have declined. The President has promised to reinvigorate US steel jobs, but last year, the steel industry


            2,400 jobs, an increase of just over 1%. Employment in the industry is still down about 43% since 1990.

            The United States has bought more steel from Brazil than any other country besides Canada during the first nine months of this year, making up nearly 11% of all steel imports, according to Census Bureau data. It relies on Argentina much less for steel, which made up less than 1% of imports.

            Brazil and Argentina have also benefited from Trump’s trade war with China, which has hurt American farmers, in other ways. Brazil is the second biggest soybean producer in the world, and it’s where China’s farmers have been getting a lot of their soybeans since Beijing imposed retaliatory tariffs on US agriculture. Argentina recently made a deal with China that will allow it to import soymeal starting next year.

            In recent weeks, however, Brazil and Agentina have seen the values of their currencies drop. The Brazilian real is down more than 8% against the dollar this year, and the Argentine peso is down 37% as the country wrestles with an economic crisis. That is more than other major emerging market currency, including the South African rand, Mexican peso and South Korean won. The Turkish lira is also down 8% this year.

            Key events in Trump's China trade talks

            In its latest report in May, the Treasury Department had noted the US dollar had appreciated against some emerging market currencies, including the Brazilian real amid intensifying economic crises in Argentina and Turkey, but refrained from flagging it as a currency to watch.

            During Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s visit to the White House earlier this year, Trump announced that the US would be designating Brazil as a non-NATO ally. And recently, a joint communique from the US-Brazil CEO Forum in late November described joint recommendations for enhancing the US-Brazil economic relationship.

            The statement on the forum, which was attended by US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and US Director of the National Economic Council Larry Kudlow, did not hint at any changes to the state of Brazil’s steel tariff exemption.

              Monday’s announcement is not the first time that Trump has accused a major trading partner of manipulating its currency in order to win a competitive advantage against the United States. In June, he attacked the European Central Bank for what he said was unfair manipulation of the euro, and has sharply pointed in the past to Japan and China as examples of countries that use monetary policy to pursue “devaluation” in order to gain a trading advantage over the US.

              In August, amid tit-for-tat retaliation between the world’s two largest economies, Trump directed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to label China a currency manipulator, ratcheting up fears by investors that a currency war might ensue.

              CNN’s Katie Lobosco and Anneken Tappe contributed to this report.

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              An evacuation slide fell off a plane and landed in a man’s yard

              (CNN) — No, it’s not a bird or a plane. It’s an evacuation slide from a Delta flight.

              A large, inflatable slide fell from the sky and into a Massachusetts man’s yard Sunday. It came crashing down from a flight traveling from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport to Boston’s Logan International Airport.

              “It’s kind of crazy,” Wenhan Huang of Milton, Massachusetts, told CNN affiliate WCVB. “Who could know there’s something coming from the air and drops into my yard, right? It’s pretty heavy. You can’t even carry it.”
              The slide fell from a Delta flight heading to Boston from Paris.

              The slide fell from a Delta flight heading to Boston from Paris.

              WCVB, Wenhan Huang/Handouts, Milton PD

              Huang said he was doing yard work, when the slide landed, crushing a few branches on a Japanese maple tree, WCVB reported. He realized it came from a plane when he saw the word “Boeing” on the side.

              Huang called the police and the Federal Aviation Administration was sent to get the slide, according to WCVB.

              The airline is investigating why the slide would have fallen, Delta told CNN on Monday. No one was injured.

              “Our maintenance team is inspecting the aircraft; at this time we do not have any additional information,” the airline told CNN in a statement Monday. “The flight landed without incident and taxied to the gate under its own power.”

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              Flight diverted after passenger faked illness to get better seat

              (CNN) — A woman was taken off a plane and into custody after she faked an illness in an attempt to get a better seat on her flight, according to police.

              An American Eagle flight from Pensacola to Miami returned to the airport around 6:26 a.m. Friday, within an hour of takeoff, because a passenger was in need of medical assistance, according to a statement from American Airlines, the US carrier’s parent company.

              Shortly after takeoff, a female passenger began complaining and asking for a bigger seat, the Pensacola Police Department said. When she was told by airline employees they could not offer her better accommodations she became ill, Pensacola Police Department Public Information Officer Mike Wood told CNN.

              The pilot rerouted the plane back to Pensacola due to the claim of illness. Upon their arrival, employees realized the woman was faking the illness and asked her to get off the plane, police said. Police were called when she refused to deplane, Wood said.

              Other passengers deplaned normally, and the woman agreed to get off the plane after conversations with police and the flight captain. The plane departed at 7:41 a.m. for the second time.

              The woman was taken into custody and transported to a mental health facility for evaluation under the Baker Act due to her comments to officials, according to Wood.

              The Baker Act is a Florida law that allows officials to detain people who may be impaired due to mental illness.

              Wood said that the woman, who is not being named by police because she was taken into custody under the Baker Act, has not yet been charged but criminal charges could be filed.

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              COP25 really is the ‘point of no return’ in the climate emergency. Here’s why

              (CNN)It’s a summit that could make or break the world’s climate commitments.

              Around 25,000 people from 200 countries are descending on Madrid this week to attend the COP25 climate change conference. They include dozens of heads of state and government, business leaders, scientists and, of course, activists — including Swedish teenager

              Greta Thunberg


              United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Sunday that the summit marks the “point of no return” in

              humanity’s fight against climate change


              Climate change is forcing one person from their home every two seconds, Oxfam says

              Just getting there was tricky. The gathering was originally going to be hosted by Brazil. But the country dropped out under the then-newly elected president Jair Bolsonaro late last year, so the meeting moved to Chile. When violent

              anti-government protests erupted in Chile

              in October, the meeting was moved again, this time to the Spanish capital.

                What is COP25, anyway?

                Remember the

                Paris Climate Accord

                ? Under the 2015 agreement, more than 200 nations committed to keep global warming to

                well below 2 degrees Celsius

                above pre-industrial levels and, if possible, to less than 1.5 degrees above.

                The world is now 1.1 degrees warmer than it was at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution — a change that has already had a profound effect on the planet and people’s lives.

                COP — officially, the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Climate Change — is the body that makes sure the Paris agreement is implemented. The 25 signifies that this is the group’s 25th meeting.

                But there are so many climate change conferences.

                Yes, climate change is increasingly on the agenda, because its destructive effects are becoming more visible and impossible to ignore — even by the world’s most powerful people.

                Just on Monday, a new report from Oxfam found that

                one person is forced out of their home every two seconds

                as a result of climate change.

                Guterres said Sunday that “climate change is no longer a long-term problem.”

                “We are confronted now with a global climate crisis,” he said. “The point of no return is no longer over the horizon. It is in sight and hurtling towards us.”

                That sounds a bit alarmist. Is COP25 really the ‘point of no return’?

                Guterres has a point. While scientists have been making the connection between climate change and greenhouse gases for decades, emissions are still going up.

                The Madrid meeting is the last gathering of the COP group before 2020, the year when the Paris agreement comes into effect.

                Woman dumps remains of her bushfire-ravaged home outside Australian parliament to protest climate change

                When nations signed the deal back in 2015, they agreed that global emissions of greenhouse gases must peak in 2020 at the latest, and then start coming down — or the world

                will face disastrous and irreversible damage


                Under current scenarios, emissions will need to fall by 7.6% every year in the next decade.

                That will require most countries to up their commitments ahead of the next COP meeting in Glasgow next November. According to the UN, if

                we rely only on the current climate plans

                , temperatures can be expected to rise by 3.2 degrees this century.

                That sounds scary. Can we do anything to stop this?

                Yes. But we need to act quickly.

                To make meeting the reduction targets even remotely possible, global leaders must come up with a practical plan for cutting emissions in the next two weeks.

                How to travel without destroying the planet

                Some rules were agreed at the COP24 conference in Poland last year. But that meeting failed to agree the rules for a new international emission-trading system, a crucial part of the plan. That discussion is back on the agenda this year.

                Experts say that if the delegates reach a deal on emissions trading, we might just about be able to reach the targets. If they fail, we will definitely trail behind the plan.

                That doesn’t mean all is lost — but it does make dealing with the consequences of climate change even more expensive. The later we wait, the more drastic (and pricey) measures will be needed to save the planet.

                What is emissions trading?

                A global market for carbon dioxide emissions would allow governments and businesses to trade their greenhouse gas output. Those that manage to keep their emissions below a set cap could sell the remaining allowance to those that can’t.

                Experts agree that an efficient trading mechanism could make our fight against climate change cheaper and fairer. It would also allow business to play much bigger role — something scientists say is necessary in order to achieve the Paris goals.

                But the issue is thorny. A badly designed trading system could lead to double counting, which would make cuts look bigger then they actually are. And a carbon price that is too high or too low could jeopardize the whole idea.

                This is not a groundbreaking idea. The European Union set up the world’s first trading system in 2005. It covers the bloc’s most polluting power stations and industrial plants, and airlines. The EU says it works — emissions from the installations covered the system are falling.

                Isn’t it all pointless if the US isn’t on board?

                There is no doubt that the decision by President Donald Trump to take the United States out of the Paris accord was a major setback to the effort to limit global warming.

                The US is responsible for 13% of global emissions, the world’s second biggest emitter after China. If calculated per head, the US is well above anyone else.

                But while it may be more difficult to reach the targets without the US — the American absence means the world’s other big polluters will have to step up their commitments. — some global leaders doubled down on the pledge.

                John Kerry on the climate crisis: 'No country is getting the job done'
                Just days after the US withdrew

                from the Paris agreement,

                Chinese President Xi Jinping

                and French President Emmanuel Macron signed a pact recommitting to it.

                And even though the US has formally withdrawn, under the framework of the agreement, the withdrawal process cannot be completed until November 4, 2020, which happens to be one day after the 2020 presidential election.

                Should Trump lose the 2020 election, a new president could rejoin the agreement.

                  In that case, the US would have to make new, more ambitious climate commitments to the UN straightaway (something other countries will do gradually in the coming months).

                  In the meantime, some individual American cities and states have pledged to stick to the agreement.

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                  $15 million Christmas tree may be the world’s most expensive

                  Written by Amy Woodyatt, CNN


                  is the season for giving, spending time with family, and relaxing after a busy year.

                  For some, it is also a time of



                  The tree is dripping with diamonds, sapphires and designer jewelry.

                  The tree is dripping with diamonds, sapphires and designer jewelry. Credit: Kempinski Hotel Bahia

                  This Christmas, visitors to the Kempinski Hotel Bahia, near Marbella,


                  will be treated to the sight of the hotel’s tree, decked out with diamonds, precious stones and designer jewelry.

                  Decorated with red, white, pink and black diamonds, the tree, designed by Debbie Wingham, is worth a staggering £11.9 million ($15 million), according to the hotel.

                  As well as diamonds, the tree is embellished with upcycled jewelry from Bulgari, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chanel, 3D-printed chocolate peacocks, feathers, ostrich eggs and bottles of perfume.

                  The Kempinski’s festive fir is the latest in a short but very sparkly line of decadently decorated trees.

                  The decorated tree is worth $15 million, according to the hotel.

                  The decorated tree is worth $15 million, according to the hotel. Credit: Kempinski Hotel Bahia

                  In 2010, The Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi adorned a tree in bracelets, necklaces and watches —

                  to the tune of $11 million

                  , winning it a Guinness World Record for most expensively decorated tree.

                  And in 2016, Tokyo jewelers Ginza Tanaka displayed a Christmas tree made from 4,000 feet of gold wire, worth an estimated 200 million yen ($1.8 million).

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                  Robert De Niro defends Anna Paquin’s lack of lines in ‘The Irishman’

                  The following story contains spoilers for “The Irishman.”

                  (CNN)Anna Paquin has an important role in “The Irishman,” but you couldn’t tell it by her lines.

                  The actress speaks just seven words in the three and a half long Netflix film directed by Martin Scorsese.

                  The Oscar-winning actress plays Peggy Sheeran, the adult daughter of mafia hitman Frank Sheeran portrayed by Robert De Niro.

                  In the film Peggy is shown growing up and becoming close to her father’s friend, union leader Jimmy Hoffa, played by Al Pacino.

                    So she has questions when Hoffa goes missing and her father reveals that he has not yet reached out to Hoffa’s wife.

                    “Why,” Peggy asks Frank to which he responds “Wha?”

                    “Why?” she asks again

                    “Why what?” Frank says.

                    “Why haven’t you called Jo?,” she asks.

                    And that’s all the dialogue the former “True Blood” stars gets, which has stirred debate between those who think her silence in other scenes speaks volumes and viewers who complain she was underused.

                    “She was very powerful and that’s what it was,” he said. “Maybe in other scenes there could’ve been some interaction between Frank and her possibly, but that’s how it was done. She’s terrific and it resonates.”

                      Last month Paquin addressed rumors she was forced to appear in the film with a tweet from her official account.

                      “Nope, nobody was doing any ‘ordering,'” she tweeted. “I auditioned for the privilege of joining the incredible cast of @TheIrishmanFilm and I’m incredibly proud to get to be a part of this film.”