Marc Chagall – Printed Art Signed In Crayon – “63/LA TRAVERSÉE DE LA MER ROUGE/Collection de l’artiste”

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MARC CHAGALL Signed 11×14 Japanese book illustration of Marc Chagall’s 1954-55 piece La Traversée de la Mer Rouge (The Crossing of the Red Sea). This is one of many works from Chagall to be inspired by Judaism. Printed art signed “Marc Chagall” in black crayon. 11¾ x14¾ overall, 9×13½ image, one surface, printed on heavy paper. Captioned partially in untranslated Japanese, partially in French: “63/LA TRAVERSÉE DE LA MER ROUGE/Collection de l’artiste”. This is a color reproduction of Chagall’s La Traversée de la Mer Rouge (1954-55), or The Crossing of the Red Sea. This is based on the Book of the Exodus, specifically the parting of the Red Sea. You can see the Israelis, depicted in blues and greens, escaping to safety at the top and the Egyptians – depicted in red, armed to the teeth and being swallowed up by the Red Sea – at the bottom. Moses is depicted in yellow robes at the left. He’s shown with two beams of light emerging from his head, which is how Chagall often depicted him. This reproduction appears to have been removed from a Japanese art book; there is an partial reproduction of Chagall’s oil painting War (1964-66) on verso. Chagall created many religious works inspired by Judaism, his faith, and by Christianity. Chagall (1887-1985, born Mark Zakharovich Shagal in Vitebsk, Belorussia, Russian Empire, now Belarus) considered one of the most original and eminent figures in 20th century art, is particularly well-known for his stained glass windows. Best known for the Jerusalem Windows and Peace for the United Nations (1964), his last monumental work in the medium was stained glass windows for chapel of Le Saillant in Corrèze. In 1914, Chagall first exhibited two of his works, Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers and The Fiddler, at the Salon des Indépendants in Paris. In June of that year, he had his first one-man show at the Galerie Der Sturm in Berlin…. More information available. Please contact us if you have questions. HFSID 29946

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