Marc Chagall – “Joseph is Recognized by His Brothers” Printed Image signed: “Marc Chagall” in black crayon.

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MARC CHAGALL. Printed Image signed: “Marc Chagall” in black crayon. Color, 10¼x13½ overall, image 8¾x11 (one surface). Reproduction of his 1931 painting, Joseph is Recognized by His Brothers. Russian-born French artist Marc Chagall’s (1887-1985) 1931 painting, Joseph Is Recognized by His Brothers, depicts Joseph and his brother Benjamin, with other brothers looking on, as Joseph beseeches them to join him in Egypt (Genesis 3-5, 9-1). At the time Chagall painted this work, Paris art dealer Ambroise Vollard had launched the artist on a career of illustrating books. This Old Testament scene was one of the first painted for Vollard’s idea of a Chagall-illustrated Bible. The work was executed in oil and gouache, a watercolor technique, which was a medium Chagall was predominantly using at that time. Chagall would work on this project, producing 66 plates, until the outbreak of WWII (1939-1945) and the death of Vollard. Following the War, the project was resumed, and Chagall completed a total of 105 scenes.

The Chagall Bible was ultimately published in 1956, 25 years after its inception. Born in Russia, Chagall had studied in St. Petersburg before he first traveled to Paris in 1910 for an artistic sabbatical that he extended to four years (1910-1914). He returned to Paris in 1925 and eventually settled there. Throughout his life, his style and subjects were unique because they reflected his profound Jewish background, freely portrayed in his works. Chagall’s art also included theater sets, pottery and stained glass windows in addition to his paintings, all of which contributed to the vast creativity expressed in 20th-century modern art. Highly notable works include the Jerusalem windows in the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center (1960-1961) and his murals in the New York Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center (1966). Fine condition. Framed in the Gallery. HFSID 131642

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